Single Line Valentine Messages for Girlfriend

You don’t need hundreds of words to wish on Valentine. We don’t have time to read and share long paragraphs and phrases, we need short one-line valentine Messages to explain our feelings, emotions, and thoughts that easy to convey and simple to understand.

I feel so happy🤗 when I see your smile😁. I love you😘, beautiful, Happy Valentine‘s💗 day!

The day spent without you👈 is like the day without sun🌞. But the life, spent without you❤️, is the life without happiness!

The best gift🎁 on this special day for me would be you, wrapped up in a beautiful red bow💓.

I feel happy😁 every time, when I think about you👈. I love you, my sweetheart😍! Happy Valentine’s day!

Every time when you👈 are next to me, I feel the heat from the flame🔥 burning in my heart💓!

I feel🤞 the luckiest man in the world to have such an amazing, fun🥳 and loving girlfriend👩‍🦰 like you!

I am grateful🙌 to the destiny, because it let us meet each other, and I know that I will love you💕 forever!

Owing to you my life is so wonderful👌 and meaningful🙌 now! Happy Valentine‘s day to my love❤️❤️!

Being with such a romantic👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 and adorable person like you👈 makes this day much more special💕 for me!

I am so happy😁, because I am dating💏 the most amazing, smart and fun girl👩‍🦳 that I have ever met!

I can even walk🚶‍♂️ a million miles just to see you smile👩😘 and I would never let you go out of my sight🤗.

I love you sweetheart😘 and I wish🤞 you the best Valentine’s Day.

Whenever I see your smile😁, I realize that all the troubles in my life are worth tolerating😍.

Love❤️ does create boundaries and my love😘 for you has already created boundaries within your heart😘.

The flower😘 that will forever bloom here in my heart❤️. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Even flowers🌺 want you as their valentine, I am lucky that you are my valentine😘. Happy valentines day💗

The greatest🙌 achievement in my life is stealing your heart❤️, darling😘!

Happy Valentine’s❤️ Day to my beloved. Thanks🙌 for coming in my life, and making it special😍 forever.

Words will fail to describe my love💗 for you. One life would be too short to live with you😘. Happy valentine’s day.

Nothing is more important and precious🙌 than you in my life. I love you💕 forever. Happy Valentine’s Day baby😘!

True love❤️ is the key to the heart💗 and happiness to the soul and a gift🎁 to life. Happy valentine’s day.

If I can be a tear💧, I will because then I can born🔥 in your eyes and die in your lips👄.

Whenever I see you👈, I feel that I don’t need to be perfect✌️ in order to be happy.

Whenever I see your face👧, I realize how God has been nice to me. I love❤️ you.

I think love💓 is too weak for the words that I feel for you. Happy Valentine’s💌 Day!

A day without you👈 is just like a day without sun🌞 in my world. I cannot live without you💞.

I am still wondering😌 how lucky🤞 I have been to get a girlfriend🧑😘 like you.

You’re the one☝️ and only Valentine💌. I’ll love😘 always.

Your smile😁 is the biggest treasure that I could ever have and your love💗 is all I need to live.

I wish🤞 I could take a look into your eyes👀 and get lost in them forever.

On the first day👆 I met, you took my breath away and I could not respond to it🥰.

Our love💓 has the ability to grow endlessly🙌 and it would be perfect in future.