Happy Kiss Day Wishes Messages and WhatsApp Status

Kiss Day is one of the special days in Valentine’s week. Kissing makes the bond between lovers stronger and more romantic. For many of you it may be the first time you are going to kiss your love. Memorize some romantic kissing lines for her or send some romantic kiss day messages and cute kiss day wishes and Messages. You can send these kiss day wishes and messages to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or to your crush! 

Happy Kiss Day Wishes

If you ever feel doubt on my love, remember all those kisses, hugs, cuddling, and loving moments I have spent with you. Happy kiss day!

Kissing is not just about two people touching each other lips. It’s about touching and moving hearts forever. Happy kiss day!

Love is when soul meets soul, lips meet lips, and the sense of time fades away during those magical moments. Happy kiss day!

Sometimes, when you are in the arms of the lover, kisses seem way sweeter and sopoforic than wine and other substances. Happy kiss day!

The difference between a legal kiss and the stolen kiss: later one seems more spicy and thrilling. Happy kiss day!

Except you, I have never tried kiss girl and I wish I get to kiss you million times before I die.

A sword can conquer the kingdom but only a deep lip kiss can conquer the heart. Happy kiss day!

If God gives me a chance to ask for a boon, I would choose to kiss your lips till eternity. I wish you a happy kiss day baby!

On Kiss Day, I want to shower you with all the kisses I can to tell you that my love for you is eternal.

The most beautiful and significant things of life can’t be touch or see but they can only be felt. Happy kiss day!

Happy Kiss Day Messages

I am sending you a sweet kiss to my sweet wife to tell her that she is my life and without her, there is nothing in my life.

Truly, madly and deeply in love with you… Let’s create new memories today. Happy Kiss Day!

A day without giving a peck on your lips makes me feel sick. Miss you so much on Kiss Day!

With each and every kiss that I plant on you, I just want to say that you mean the world to me… Happy Kiss Day.

Sending you lots of sweet kisses to energize our relationship. Happy Kiss Day!

Let me kiss you deeply and see if I can take your breath away. Happy Kiss Day!

I want to brush your lips with mine every now and then every day and forever. Happy Kiss Day!

Happy Kiss Day Quotes

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases. ~ Chinese Proverb

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. ~ Ingrid Bergman

Kiss me and you will see how important I am. ~ Sylvia Plath

Kissing is a merging of two lips, two souls and two spirits that makes them divine. ~ Anonymous

Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it right back! ~ Unknown

A kiss that is never tasted, is forever and ever wasted. – Billie Holiday

Stolen kisses are always sweetest. ~ Leigh Hunt

When I kiss you, I can taste your soul. ~ Carrie Latet

Kiss Day Wishes for Girlfriend

If kiss was just a gesture, it would not touch our heart and bind our souls the way it does. Happy Kiss Day!

Hey girlfriend! Whenever I think about kissing you, the mere thought of it fills my whole existence with utter love. Happy kiss day sweetheart!

I get so many kisses from you on a daily basis. However, a good long lip kiss will do the real magic on the kiss day. Happy kiss day girlfriend!

Being able to kiss you passionately on the occasion of upcoming kiss day is the best gift I can get from you. Happy kiss day girlfriend!

One of the best things a boyfriend can do for his girlfriend is kissing her on the forehead whenever she feels low in life. Happy kiss day girlfriend!

If love is the sweetest language then kiss is the sweetest activity and you are the sweetest girlfriend ever. Happy kiss day!

Kiss Day Wishes for Boyfriend

I never thought love could feel like this. Then you changed my world with just one kiss.

A man who has learned the art of kissing perfectly can never make a woman unhappy. Happy kiss day!

Out of a myriad of sweets I have tasted in my life, your lips are the sweetest and most scrumptious one. Happy kiss day my love!

On the mesmerizing occasion of kiss day, I want to hug you and kiss you hard and say I love you so much to you. Happy kiss day baby!

Hey baby, do you want to know how I would like to start every day of my life? A sweet kiss from you on my lips! Happy kiss day baby!

Today is a very special day, For both of us, my Valentine. I want to kiss you, And say, I love you so much.