Funny Valentines Messages for Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is perfect occasion to tease your lover with the naughty humor forputting a smile on someone you care about. You can try out collection of  Valentine’s Day wishes funny with some witty words just like our collection of flirty Valentine’s Day wishes here.

Funny Valentines Wishes for Boyfriend

If you were a movie🎞️, I would watch you again and again👀. And never let you be finished.

Happy Valentine’s Day😘 to the apple of my eye😍 and my stud muffin of a guy!

I fell for many guys but you were the sweetest of them all😜. Because you’re the one picked me up😘. Happy Valentine’s Day to love💞!

For this Valentine’s, I want a mushroom🍄 and you, my dear, are a real fungi😝 (fun guy).

If love😘 had wings, baby, you would carry me away, flying high beyond the sky.

Hey my Valentine, our love😘 story is so amazing that Disney should put us in their next movie💏.

Some days I feel like I could just kill😖 you, but then who would I have to hold me the way you do? Always and forever the love😘 of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is truly blind😎. Otherwise, there was no way I could have fallen in love😘 with an idiot like you. Just kidding! Happy valentines!

This Valentine’s Day, I hope🤞 you are like my favorite Dove candy🍬: soft and sweet, ready to be unwrapped and holding a promise inside.

They say love is blind😎, but to me it is not, your love actually opened my eye👁️ to all of your faults😝 and yet I still love you❤️? Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

You are the sun🌞 that lights up my days, but also gives me sunburns😝. Love you😘 to the sun’s heat and back, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Roses🌹 are red, fitness💪 is great, I would’ve gotten you chocolate😋, but you need to continue your diet. Happy Valentine’s Day😘 my dear boyfriend.

You don’t stole my heart❤️, you just hacked my brain🤯. I even forgot my name when I am with you. Happy valentine day, my sweet baby.

Honey, we were meant to “bee🐝” on Valentine’s Day and every day❣️.

Doing absolutely nothing with you👈 means absolutely everything to me😛, babe! Happy Valentine’s Day to my darling. Let’s have our adventure on this Valentine day.

Funny Valentines Messages for Boyfriend

Let’s enjoy🥳 Valentine’s Day together, and then we can live sappily ever after.

I want to spend Valentine’s Day warmly wrapped in your love❤️ like a Hershey’s kiss💋 fresh out of the factory.

They say life is a race, run at your own pace, but I couldn’t even walk without you👈 in this race. You’ve become my legs and my everything. Happy Valentine’s Day my love😘.

It’s Valentine’s Day which means X’s and O’s lead to anything goes😛.

You cannot define love in one☝️ word and you cannot celebrate love in one☝️ day. That’s why we don’t need Valentine’s day to celebrate🥳. I love you, every day my love.

Whenever you’re around, Valentine, my heart💗 starts to sing opera.

My heart💓 vibrates as much as my phone every time you text me.

Valentine😘, You’re the jelly to my belly😁.

Love😘 like this was carefully crafted in Valens’s den, never heard of it; maybe I’ll take you there today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey babe, every day I fall more in love with you more than the day before. Except on those days, you really piss me off😆😆. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart😘.

Valentine, our relationship is like a yo-yo🤘🤘: full of ups and downs, sometimes a tangled mess, but lots of fun🤩 when it works right.

If this box of expensive chocolates doesn’t say, “I love you😘,” I don’t know what will😜.

In movies🎥 and books – Valentine’s Day feels so warm🤗 and romantic but in real life, it is just so expensive. Thanks for being my low maintenance super babe😁. Happy Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day, it’s no more Nice Girl😜. I’m going to be Super Amazing Girl so get ready for some crazy, outstanding fun😁.

You may find my jokes to be a bit insulting😞 sometimes. But hey, I find your love to be a torture😂. Did I ever complain? No! Happy Valentine’s Day😘!

You remind me of a heart-shaped❤️ sugar cookie: delightful and sweet with a slight tendency to crumble right into my lap.

Valentine, you’re so steamy and stunning, that my motor is running😝.

Love is blind so true🤷‍♀️. How mad I am how can I fall in love with you😄. Never mind! Happy valentine.

Words are not enough to explain my love😘 for you. May be my stupid face. Wishing🤞 you a wonderful valentine day.

The butterflies🦋 in my stomach are wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day😘.

Funny Valentine Messages for Him

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear love😘, I’m glad you could finally love me, now I can die in peace and I hope we die together? But let’s enjoy today first.

This is yet another valentine’s day with you👈. Sometimes life is just way more unfair than it should be. Happy Valentine’s Day anyway🤷‍♀️!

If Valentine’s Day gave out report cards, you would have all A’s😁😁 (and a couple of A+’s.)

If the smoke alarm goes off, it’s because you have set my heart❤️ on fire, Sweetheart😘.

There are few things that I can’t wait to rip their clothes off when I get married😁, one is you and two is you? I love you so much darling. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Kitten, I’m smitten because you are the purr-fect Valentine😘 for me.

I always try to put my best foot forward to resolve all the issues prevailing between us🙌. But all go in vain. Because you are so silly and dumb😅. Happy valentine day, anyways.

I am your electric oven you have the power to control me😃. Wishing you a wonderful🤗 valentine day, my sweet and sour love.

On February 14, there’s only one thing on my to-do list: go out and buy you a last-minute card. Sorry, just being honest😜, Babe.

You are an essential nutrient of my body. Without you I would suffer in osteoporosis. Happy valentine day, my love😘 of life.

Staring at your dumb face on a candlelight dinner or going for a movie? I’d choose the second one anytime😝. Happy Valentine’s Day😘!