Chocolate Day Wishes, Messages and Status

Chocolate Day which comes the third day of Valentine’s week. Chocolate Day is the most favorite day for every chocolate lover in the world. Eat lots of chocolate and share with people you love the most and send them some wonderful messages here are some Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images, Facebook and Whatsapp status for chocolate day.

Happy Chocolate Day Wishes for Girlfriend

On the occasion of Chocolate Day, I wish that each and every day of your life is as sweet a blessing as chocolate🍫….. Best wishes to you😘.

After a bar of chocolate, one can forgive anybody, even one’s relatives. Happy Chocolate🍫 Day!

I Searched Many Shops to Buy the Best Chocolate for you. But I Didn’t Find Any Chocolate 🍫 Sweeter Than you and your Smile😘.

Happy chocolate 🍫 day! Have a sweet day and I want to fill your mouth with delicious chocolates.

Nothing can level up your sweetness 😘 except chocolates. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day darling!

Chocolate gives strength💪, it gives purpose in life…. May you have an amazing Chocolate Day and lots of chocolate 🍫 to enjoy every day.

You are never too old to enjoy🙌 a chocolate and this is what Chocolate Day remind us…. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day to you my love.

After a bar of chocolate, one can forgive anybody🙌, even one’s relatives. Happy Chocolate Day 🍫🍫!

Happy Chocolate Day Wishes for Boyfriend

Money can’t buy happiness. But, it can buy a chocolate, which is pretty much the same thing🙌. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day my Love😍!

Have a great chocolate🍫🍫 day, you are the one boy who loves cholocate and this has made me fall in love❤️ with you.

I am diary you are milk, I am kit, you are kat, I am five you are a star. I am sweet, but you are sweeter😘. Happy chocolate 🍫🍫 day.

You are like a chocolate, The longer you eat, the sweeter it gets🙌. Happy Chocolate 🍫 day!

Chocolate truly tastes better when you have someone special to share it with….. Wishing a very Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day to you my love😘.

I wish that our love❤️ remains as sweet as chocolates for years to come…. With love, wishing a very warm Chocolate 🍫🍫 Day to you.

Nothing can match your sweetness except chocolate. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day darling!

Happy Chocolate Day Wishes for Friend

Friends have something in common and our love❤️ for chocolates is the most important common thing between us…. Happy Chocolate 🍫🍫 Day.

When I am sad or when I am happy, I always want you by my side sharing a chocolate 🍫🍫 with me…. Best wishes to my best🤟 friends.

A Day Without Chocolate Is A Day Without Sunshine. Same Thing Like The Chocolates 🍫🍫, My Life Would Suck Without You !!!

I promise to be your partner in sharing chocolates each and every day of your life…. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day bestie🤟.

God made us friends🤟 so that we could sit on a bad day and enjoy the goodness of chocolates to make it a happy one…. Best wishes on Chocolate 🍫 Day.

On this Chocolate 🍫 Day, I am sending this chocolate box as an epitome of my immense love for you. Keep smiling😁 always.

You are the sweetest person I have ever met. Nothing but a chocolate can be gifted to the most adorable person😁 on this Earth. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day my Darling friend!

Happy Chocolate Day Wishes for Wife

Lovely chocolate and lovely you😘 and lovely are the things you do. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day!

On this Chocolate Day, here’s all my love, a beautiful red rose, amazing gifts🎁, and of course, your favourite Cadbury Silk. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day, wifey!

This chocolate message to my lovely wife😘 who makes my life so delicious and fills it with lots of happiness around me. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Dear!

I am wishing you a very Happy Chocolate Day my darling, as chocolates 🍫 are necessary for healthy body, just like true love is necessary for a happy life…

My life has become a Fruit and Nut chocolate after getting a wonderful wife like you😘. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day sweetheart!

Happy Chocolate Day Wishes for Husband

Sending you a wish dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with love💖. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day Hubby!

Thank you for bringing so much love💞, joy, and adventure into my life but still I want chocolates 🍫 and I love you.

I am one blessed bride! Thank you for staying by my side. I love you😘 more and more each day. Happy Chocolate 🍫 Day!

I Searched Many Shops To Buy D Best Chocolate 4 you😘, But I Didn’t Find Any Chocolate 🍫 Sweeter Than U & Ur Smile…

When you pull me close, my heart still flutters. Happy Chocolate🍫 Day, dear Husband.