Thanksgiving Wishes for Friends

Thanksgiving Day is that the perfect time to remind each other of the various reasons there are to be grateful. Count your blessings one by one and let the happiness and therefore the positivity spread.Send some warm thanksgiving messages to everyone related to you and let the love flow.

I wish you a joyful😀 and peaceful thanksgiving. Thank you🤝 for being my friend.

Lucky🤞 should be my name, for I am blessed🙌 and thankful to have you in my life. Happy thanksgiving my friend😘!

The thing I’m most grateful about right now is you☝️. Thank you🤝 for everything, happy Thanksgiving!🍬

I am thankful for all the joy😃 that you bring into my life. Happy🤝 thanksgiving friend!

If I count all my blessings👐 I’ll count you twice. Thanks for being such a great👌 friend.

Thank you👍 for making the world a better place, and most of all thank you for being my best friend😘!

May the sweet messages of Christmas🎄 gladden your heart and bring you the joy of the season. Have fun every day, Boss🧔. New challenges at work will come soon enough after the holidays.

It is a time for joy, compassion and contentment. May your Christmas🎅 be filled with all three. Best Christmas wishes🎄🎄 for the best boss in the universe.

Your friendship🤝 has made my life more meaningful👌. Thank you for always being by my side✨.

I take this opportunity to thank God for giving me a friend🧑‍🤝‍🧑 like you. May you have a happy🙌 Thanksgiving🍬!

They say that when you love❤️ all that you have, you’ll realize you have everything. I’m grateful🙌 I have you.

Even though we fight🙅‍♂️ sometimes, having you as a friend in my life not only makes each day more bearable🙌, but you make every day more like a fairytale. Happy Thanksgiving to my best friend😘 ever.

Today I want to let you know how much I appreciate👏 you. I know that I may not say it all the time but I am grateful🙏 for all the things you do, I truly am. Happy Thanksgiving🍬!

Turkey, veggies, mash potatoes🥔, stuffing, pumpkin🎃 pie- oh my! It’s all so delicious. But nothing compares to having you as my friend😘😘. Happy Thanksgiving. Hoping to share some pie with you soon🔜.

Wishing you a year full of success and all the best👍👍 in life. Thank you for being my dear friend🙌!

On this Thanksgiving🤝 day, I want to do more than stuff my face with all the food🍲🍛🍣. So, I’ll start by saying that I am so grateful🙏 for YOU. Happy Thanksgiving, friend🍬.

Here’s to giving thanks and to having a friend who loves💕 me no matter what. Happy Thanksgiving best friend🤜🤛!

They say if you give thanks for the little🤏 things you will be given more. But with you as my best friend🫂, I already have all I need. Happy Thanksgiving!🤝🤝

I value you☝️ as my friend, thank you for being there for me till the end. Happy Thanksgiving!🙌🍬

Dear friend🤘, may all the best things in this life be yours🙌 today and every day. Happy Thanksgiving.🤝

All my best👍👍 to you on this holiday, thank you🤝 for being my best friend. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!🖖🏻

Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving🍬🍬 to my dear friend. May you and your family enjoy🥳 the food and company with laughter🤣 and endless joy.

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude🙌🏼 because I have a friend like you👈. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving🤝 and a terrific holiday season🔥🔥!

Cheers🍻 to all my friends that make Thanksgiving the best👌 day of my year- because it becomes Friendsgiving. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My sincerest appreciation👏 I give to you, for being my friend and a confidant😎 too. Happy Thanksgiving!🤝🍬

You are a blessing🙌 to me. May you have a bountiful👌 Thanksgiving full of blessings🍬!

Thanksgiving messages

They say that gratitude makes you realize all the wonderful👌👌 things you already have in your life. But honestly, I am already thankful🙌 for you☝️. Happy Thanksgiving, friend😘.

Dear friend🤘🤘, may God bless you and your family on this Thanksgiving🤝. You deserve all the wonderful things life has to offer.

There are a lot of things to be thankful🙌 for, but I am most thankful for a great friend like you☝️. Happy Thanksgiving my friend😗!

I cherish🤗 all the little moments we’ve shared together and look forward to all the days in the future. Happy Thanksgiving🍬, friend😘.

Thank you for being so understanding🙌, for always having my back and for being a true friend🫂. And most of all I’m thankful I found you.

Dear friend🤗, I’m so grateful to have you in my life. You help me see that Thanksgiving is more than just a day- it’s a lifestyle🤘. Thank you🤝 for always reminding me of this.

I appreciate how you listen👂 when I talk and for being my shoulder to cry😢 on. Thank you for being a true friend🙌😘.

Happiness😁 belongs to those who are most thankful. That’s why I’m thankful to call you my friend🤗. Happy Thanksgiving.🍬🍬🍬

Being a part🤌 of your life is what I’m grateful👐 for. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!🤝🤝

Dear friend😀, I wish you success, lots of pie🥧, and pure laughter🤣🤣 on this holiday and every day. Happy Thanksgiving!🙌🤝

Roses🌹 are red, violets are blue, happy Thanksgiving🍬, I am thankful for you☝️.

May our coming days always be filled with thanks🤝 and giving🙌. Happy Thanksgiving🍬, dearest friend😘.

Gratitude fills my heart ❤️ when I think of you. Thank you🙌 for your amazing friendship🫂!

Dear friend, it’s time to get those fat pants out😆. Cheers🍻 to a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with plenty of opportunity to stuff your face.

Friends like you demonstrate👏 the meaning of Thanksgiving🍬. Enjoy a wonderful holiday🥳!

There is always something we can be thankful🙌 for- today that something is You. Happy Thanksgiving🍬🍬, friend. You’re truly the best👌.

The value of your friendship is immeasurable🙌. Prayers🙏 for a safe and happy Thanksgiving😁.

Some say that silent gratitude👐 is no good to anyone. So, let me be clear: I’m super🤝 thankful for you, bestie. Happy Thanksgiving.🍬🍬

Friendship is a special gift🎁, and I treasure ours more than you know. Thank you for being there for me. Happy Thanksgiving🤝🍬.

Dear friend, God has truly blessed us with a one☝️ of a kind friendship. And that’s something to be thankful🙌 about. Happy Thanksgiving🍬.

I am truly thankful for friends like you🤗 who constantly show how much you care. May God fill your home with blessings✋ this Thanksgiving🙌.

For someone who is rich in kindness🙌, love😘, and compassion, I wish a very Happy Thanksgiving🍬. May your day be filled with all the stuffing and good things your heart❤️ can handle.

I am thankful for every☝️ moment of our friendship. May the moments last forever🙌.

Being thankful🤝 is an action, so today I’m acting thankful. As my friend, I give you permission to join in and take a bow with me after the meal. Cheers🥂🥂 to us on this Thanksgiving🍬.

May all the traditions of the holiday be wrapped in friendship🫂 and love❤️. Best wishes👍 for a happy Thanksgiving.

Eat. Drink🍺. Say thanks. What else do we need to do today? Happy Thanksgiving🍬, friend.

May your slice of pie🥧 be as generous as the blessings🙌 you hand out each day. Thank you for touching my life, friend. Have a meaningful Thanksgiving🤟🤟.

As the saying goes, a heart❤️ will always find its way home on Thanksgiving🤝. I’m grateful today that having you as my friend 🤗 feels as close to home as anything. Happy Thanksgiving🍬.

Even though we can’t be together on Thanksgiving😗, our hearts will always be close🙌, friend. Happy Thanksgiving!

Good wine🍷 and great🤘 company is all you need for this holiday. Thanks for bringing both, dear friend. Happy Thanksgiving!🤝

Sending you special greetings at Thanksgiving🙌 as my heart turns warmly to thoughts of you👉, my friend.

Dear friend, you better eat all that turkey🦃. I shot it myself in the frozen food department. Enjoy🥳 it. Happy Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving🙌 may you be surrounded by delicious food🍝🍜🍲, family and friends, and a circle of blessings, sweet friend😘.

Dear friend😙, today I hope my thanksgiving is as everlasting as our friendship. Happy Thanksgiving🙌 Day.