30+ Thanksgiving Wishes for Dad

We all feeling thankful to our Dads for always being there in our adversity and that we should show our appreciation to him. Words can always help us to precise our sincere feelings.

Thanksgiving wishes for a day filled with what you’ve always given me LOVE!💞 I love you, Dad👨‍👦!

I’m grateful🙌 for you everyday and thankful for your love💗. It’s an awesome part of my life and a real blessing from above. Happy Thanksgiving🤘, Dad!

You’re a role model for me and anyone that ever wanted to know how to be a perfect dad👨‍🍼! Happy Thanksgiving🤝, Dad!

 You always hope for a father👨‍👦 who can give you hope and determination to achieve your own👐 dreams. A great dad will do that. That’s why I love😘 you Dad and Happy Thanksgiving.

I wish everyone in the world was lucky🤞 enough to have a dad like you. You really are one of a kind☝️. Happy Thanksgiving🍬

You were never selfish. You only took care of us. For that, I am amazed. For that, I even love😍 you more. Happy Thanksgiving Dad😘😘

 You’ve set an amazing bar🙌 for how I should be as a future parent. I can only wish🤞 to provide my future kids with the amount of love❤️ and care and you provided.

You provided me with a stable upbringing that only certain lucky🤞 kids are allowed. You gave me the choices to be who I wish to be. Thank you Dad😘!

You’re the most amazing🙌 father of all time. I know this because I have friends whose fathers don’t care about them. I know this because I know you watch me with a close eye😘. I know you are always careful of what I do.

All of my favorite childhood memories involve you, Dad. Thank you for always making me feel loved❤️ and protected🛡️. Happy Thanksgiving💓.

Anytime I think of giving up, I remember that you told me I could do anything I set my mind to. Thank you🙌 for always pushing me to do my best. Happy Thanksgiving Dad😘😘

Dad, thanks for knowing exactly when to stop holding my hand✋ and begin watching my back. Have a blast🍻 on Thanksgiving🍲🍲

You loved❤️ me even when I hated you, you cared for me even when I cursed you and you supported me even when I distanced myself from you. Thanks for everything dad, I love you💞 and happy thanksgiving🤝.

It is not possible to be a great🙌 father until a person becomes a great🙌 human being, and dad, you are both. Thanks for everything😘 Happy Thanksgiving.

From tolerating my rants to keeping up with my antics, I want to say thank you🙌🙌 to a dad who is just fantastic🤘🤘.

Dad, thanks for always being my ally during my wars⚔️ with mum. I love you.

I don’t idolize Superman🦸, Batman🧛 or Spider-Man simply because I know someone who is all of them rolled into one cool superhero, called DAD👨‍🍼. I love you.

Dad, everything in my life would be meaningless if I didn’t have precious🙌👌 childhood memories to anchor myself to. Thanks🙏.

May the heart💛 of all your family members be blessed with overflowing joy! Merry Christmas🎅.

Merry Christmas to the best🤟 supervisor in the universe! Sir, may the spirit of Christmas🎄 shower upon your life the best of heavenly blessings.

You sacrificed so much🙌 for us growing up. You worked💪 every day to provide us with everything we could ever want. Thank you Dad😘.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without all the love❤️ and support 👍 you gave me my entire life. I owe everything to you, Dad. I love you😘.

I can’t imagine my life without you☝️, you went from being my parent to my best friend🫂. Thank you for always being there for me.

Thank you, Dad, for loving Mom and treating her with respect👏. I will never settle for anything less since you’ve shown me what a real man😎 looks like.

Just like how it is impossible to measure infinity🙌, it is impossible to thank you for all that you have done for me. Thanks dad😘.

I’m glad how your words🗣️ have always given me life’s real view🙌, dad… today I just want to say thank you.😘

Dad, thanks for everything💞 that you have done – you are to me what to earth🌍 is the sun🌞.

It is because of you👆 that I have never known what it means to have a shortage of anything in life. Thanks dad💓.

In life’s journey I always thought I was right✔️ and my dad was wrong❌. But life’s harsh lessons made me realize🙌 that dad’s words were right all along. Thanks dad😘.

When you taught me how to jump high and shoot hoops, you actually taught me how to aim🎯 high for my dreams and achieve them. Thanks dad😗.